Update #34

Holidays are getting closer and closer, so the server is starting preparations for Christmas. Nicholas starts packing gifts slowly, and the Grynch Clan Goblin invasions that have stolen some of them start to increase. From December 10 until January 11, the server will be visited by invasions of the following intensity:

  • from 10 to 15 December there will be a maximum of 1 invasion per day with 5 goblins in each
  • from 16 to 22 December there will be a maximum of 3 invasions with 10 goblins in each
  • from 23 to 29 December there will be a maximum of 5 invasions with 15 goblins in each
  • from December 30 to January 5 there will be a maximum of 3 invasions with 10 goblins in each
  • from 6 to 11 January there will be again a maximum of 1 invasion per day with 5 goblins

The invasions are still generated randomly, so even if there may be maximum 5 invasions during the day, this does not mean that it will always be so. Limit values have also been changed and from today all raids will take place between 7:10 am and 2:50 am.

The first Grynch Clan Goblin invasion this afternoon.

See you in the game, hear you in chat! :)

Update #33

Witam. Zgodnie z zapowiedziami ankiety aktywne cały poprzedni miesiąc zostały zakończone, a my na ich podstawie oraz sugestii graczy ruszamy z beta testami na Xyli. To, co można określić już dziś na pewno to data startu serwera która będzie miała miejsce 28 grudnia (piątek) o 20:00 czasu polskiego oraz exp rate który będzie stały i będzie wynosił 3x. Reszta rzeczy które ewentualnie znajdą się podczas startu będzie dodawana przez cały grudzień.

Oprócz tego:

  • zostały poprawione bądź zmienione systemy nagrywania i ochrony przed lagami, w związku z czym została przywrócona możliwość uruchamiania castów
  • strzały i bolty dostępne z Hunter Outfit Questu zostały zbalansowane
  • zostało poprawione zejście na Quary, aby można było przenosić przedmioty
  • bot na discordzie także udziela informacji o NPC na mapie
  • została zaktualizowana mapa z respami na stronie
  • został dodany certyfikat dla strony w związku z czym można się z nią łączyć za pomoca HTTPS
  • oraz kilka innych błędów zgłoszonych poprzez CTRL+Z bądź w prywatnej wiadomości

Nowy serwer nie oznacza porzucenia rozwijania Fixery. Większość nowych rzeczy jakie będą się pojawiać będzie miało część wspólną, więc przy nieco większym nakładzie pracy oba serwery będą zyskiwały nowe elementy gry. Klient Androida zostanie w najbliższym czasie zaktualizowany o poprawki oraz o możliwość łączenia się z każdym z serwerów, a jeśli wystarczy czasu, to taki sam klient trafi do graczy korzystających z Windowsów (czyli jeden program dla Xyli i Fixery). Kolejne newsy będą specjalnie oznaczane którego serwera (bądź obu naraz) dotyczą.

Na ten moment to wszystko, a więcej zmian w najbliższych dniach. Do zobaczenia w grze, do usłyszenia na czacie :)

Update #32.1

Hello. Due to the change of the domain configuration, it is not possible to continue using the old client or using the address rookgaard.pl to connect to the server. Those who used our client are asked to download its updated version (they will not lose their minimaps or hotkeys, because changes are only inside the exe file), while people using TibiaLoader are asked to change their address from "rookgaard.pl" to "play.rookgaard.pl". However, it will be possible to use the previous configuration for people who have missed the change for 3 days more.

Update #32

Not much time has elapsed since the last news, and I'm coming back with another portion of changes :)

Just like last year, the Halloween hosted two invasions on the server - The Halloween Hare and The Mutated Pumpkin. Compared to its previous version, it has slightly less HP, and after defeating, in addition to the prize room, grants a small bonus for players participating in the raid.

The page in the Library tab has a new NPC list present on the server along with an approximate location, role and list of purchased items if the given NPC is merchant.

For better contact on the line players - the server staff - we have added the ability to notify Tugaon on the Discord of Game-Chat in the game. All you need to do is enter his nickname in the message to be marked in the application.

Tomorrow around noon we will enable the first polls in which we will ask how you think the various aspects of Xyla, starting in 2 months - from the exp stage, through exp areas, ending on many quests you might know from Fixera.

In addition, we have standardly corrected some bugs, including too quick summing Cobra at the Lizards, or incorrect descriptions of active rings.

See you in the game, hear you in the chat :)

Update #31

Page from the diary:

I'm involved in this profession for many years and I think it's time to retire... I'm a bit tired now and now I can rest... Maybe I'll do something else? You have to find a job in your life... Just what would it fit to do next? Perhaps I will deal with breeding? No... This is something completely different than what I've done so far and I have enough of animals. Maybe I'll start spending more time with people?! Still I don't know what I could do... What am I good at? As if to think this shooting is a good option, but am I sure? Looking at the activities so far, there was no lack of them... Exactly! In addition, I will be able to tell a story from my life! I just don't know if anyone will want to hear about dead animals... Maybe tracking someone will be fascinating? Only who would listen about the tracking of the animals... Ah, the smell of land in the trail left by the deer... Her smell left on the broken branches... Whistling an arrow or a bolt flying towards the body, and then her skinning... However, you have to feel it, because the story is not so fun... Maybe I will keep some information for myself? After all, there will be no one who will want to become a hunter, nor alone come to me for advice... However, if this happens, I will recognize one of my own. After all, I've been a hunter for many years!

Gulzer, because this is story of him, gives everyone the chance to extend Hunter Outfit with another addon! After a long time we managed to complete everything and hope to introduce a long-awaited balance to distance weapons. What else has been changed?

We've added a system to distribute bonuses from addons. So far we have only used it with Hunter Outfit, but over time will join the others, so the bonuses will also be for a first/second addon, not just for both.

The quest that accompanies the acquisition of the second addon introduces the aforementioned balance of distance weapons and allows the setting up of armaments typical for this kind of attack.

To be able to collect all the items required to complete each mission, two areas have been added:

  • the cathedral on Luminis has been extended to new levels by introducing more powerful types of cultists
  • cave with lizards needed to collect lizard leathers

Of course, the list of items that the NPC purchases such as Yasir, Rashid and others has been updated with new items.

To the current list of invasions we added 3 new ones (existing on RL), which - to be discovered in the coming days. The site also received another portion of missing translations.

About 2 years ago the launch of Legera and Hegera started on January 1 has been announced, and almost a year ago we announced the start of Xyla in the Alpha version. Another year is another announcement - we are pleased to inform that the server will go into the beta phase on December 1, and the official start will take place on the weekend preceding January 1. What will the final version of the server look like? More about this in the next post, and for now we are actively working on its development:

  • the server has been moved to a new more stable location
  • chat on the discord has been linked to an ingame Xyla chat
  • we updated the datapack for missing actions and continue to develop quests from RL
  • At the end of the compensation for the last few crashes. Fortunately, the situations that caused the failure of the end of August have been averted, but our own cam system remains a spike. Another system that minimizes crash losses already on the horizon.

    As always, see you in the game, hear you in the chat:)